Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is an essential part of our Company's customer service policy, and we take issues related to gambling addiction very seriously. It is our direct responsibility to protect players from excessive gambling habits and prevent minors from participating in gambling.

We want our service to be as convenient and functional as possible, providing an excellent pastime. Unfortunately, for some players, gambling can turn from an exciting hobby into a problem.

We fully support and adhere to the globally recognized responsible gambling policy and do everything in our power to ensure that our Customers can enjoy safe and exciting gaming without losing control.

In our casino, we only use games provided by leading global iGaming developers. All software on our website is licensed and certified by independent testing agencies (MGA, iTech, and others). We exclusively collaborate with game producers who adhere to the highest standards in the gambling industry, especially regarding game fairness and player protection.

Some slots (such as BetSolutions) provide comparisons in the form of hashing of presumed data. The random number is determined before the start of the round and encrypted in SHA-256 hash. After the game, the key (passphrase) used to encrypt the result is revealed. By inserting it into any SHA-256 generator, you can verify whether the result was predetermined or subject to external interference. We assure you that the result will be random, as stated in the game.

Other slots include a game history tool in their interface, which also contains a hash, date, and video replay of your spin. With this data, you can directly contact the game provider or other regulatory bodies.

The club's team understands how important it is for users to trust the fairness of our games.

Keeping Control

Gambling is simply entertainment, a great way to enjoy your time, root for your favorite team, and find like-minded individuals among other bettors. While having a good time watching games and gambling, it's important to remember that moderation is key.

Every bettor should always remember:

  • Gambling is just a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Don't lose sight of moderation.
  • In case of losses, avoid attempting to immediately recover them, as there's always a chance to win next time.
  • Start playing only with the amount of money you can afford to lose, and nothing more.
  • Keep a close eye on the time and the amount of money you spend on gambling.

Preventing Gambling Addiction

Among the majority of people who view gambling as a captivating way to spend their time, there is a small percentage of players who suffer from gambling addiction. Recent studies have shown that only a small portion of the adult population faces the problem of gambling addiction. However, our Company takes this issue very seriously and always reminds participants to:

  • Gambling games are based on probability, and there are no "formulas" or "systems" that guarantee a win.
  • The desire to gamble should come solely from within you.
  • Gambling is for entertainment, not a way to get rich quickly or pay off debts.
  • Regularly monitor how much money you spend on gambling.
  • To gamble, you must always know the rules of the game.

It's difficult to define the line between healthy excitement and problematic addiction. However, there are some signs that may indicate that a bettor is experiencing problems.

You are invited to answer 10 questions. If you answer positively to at least 5 of them, there is a high probability that you are already suffering from gambling addiction.

  • Are you seriously involved in gambling?
  • Do the amounts of your bets constantly increase?
  • Do you borrow money to gamble?
  • Do you often play longer than planned?
  • Does frequent visits to the bookmaker negatively affect your reputation?
  • Do you feel irritation or disappointment when you can't participate in bets?
  • Is gambling a way for you to escape from problems?
  • Do you often feel the need to chase losses?
  • Have you tried to control the size of your bets and the time spent at the gambling establishment but failed?
  • Do you not talk to your close ones about your gambling interest?

Gaming Management Tips

    • Plan in advance how much time you'll spend on betting;
    • Set a maximum amount you're willing to lose and do not exceed it;
    • Never borrow money to gamble;
    • Try to find a new hobby and combine it with your gaming;
    • Never visit gambling establishments if you're in a bad mood, feeling down, or in a depressed state.

    Self-Exclusion from Gambling

    • At any time, a participant in betting has the right to decide to stop playing by terminating the agreement with the bookmaker company and submit a request to terminate the agreement and block their Personal Account by sending the corresponding request to the customer support via online chat.
    • After terminating the agreement with our Company, the individual who terminated the agreement has the right to apply to us with a request to enter into a new agreement. In this case, we reserve the right to refuse the individual from entering into a new agreement without providing reasons.

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